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Come with us to Africa!

Are you up for new cultures, exciting educational experience and a touch of adventure? Then why not choose one of our two volunteer programmes? You can choose between Paternoster in South Africa and Aussenkehr in Namibia...

Paternoster SOUTH AFRICA

Between fischer romance and abject poverty

In 2016 our first volunteer project started here on the Pacific in Paternoster. In this small fishing and tourism town on the west coast of South Africa, we have managed to establish an aid and education program with local institutions, kindergartens and a primary school, from which everyone benefits: the children, the local educational staff and our young students.

Aussenkehr NAMIBIA

By the river, there´s some hope

Außenkehr Farm is like a lively oasis in the fantastic Namibian landscape. Grapes thrive here on the river and there is work. And a school for the 800 children of the residents and harvest workers.  Since 2019 we have also been coordinating an exchange program for volunteers here, who can gain practical educational experience here.

Reports on experiences and information in compact form:

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