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September 28, 2023

READATHON in Aussenkehr I Namibia

This reading marathon is all about books, reading and writing for a week

The "Readathon" is an annual nationwide reading week in Namibia initiated by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and organised by the Namibia Library and Archives Services (NLAS), during which children and young people in their schools undertake to read various quantities and types of reading material in order to improve their reading skills. The project week is often accompanied by a colorful program of creative activities, games or plays. With a variety of read-aloud activities, the aim is to awaken the children's fascination for books, their stories, and for books as a source of knowledge. For many students, this intensive practice provides an important boost to a fluent reading flow and also motivates them in the long term to have a positive approach to books.

An initiative that is entirely in keeping with the spirit of our foundation! After all, we see the promotion of reading for children and young people as our central foundation purpose. We are pleased to see that the education and cultural authorities in Namibia are paying so much attention to this important topic and that the children at our cooperation school in Aussenkehr had so much fun at this year's Readathon. Our special thanks go to Hilka Malakia, our long-term volunteer and trained librarian, who organized these project days with a lot of passion and commitment for the students in Aussenkehr.

One more motivation for us to work together with our partners in Germany and Namibia for a new library for Aussenkehr. If you would like to support this project in terms of content, material or personally, we would be happy to hear from you. Donations can be transferred directly and easily via our donation account. Thank you very much!

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May 14, 2023

4th Stakeholder Meeting in Außenkehr (Namibia)

Constructive exchange, groundbreaking discussions and warm encounters

On May 11th our annual project conference took place in the Norotshama Lodge in Außenkehr Farm. More than 20 participants from Namibia, South Africa and Germany accepted the invitation of our foundation in person or via video call to find out about the developments of our commitment on site, to critically examine it and to develop new forward-looking ideas and visions. In addition to reports from the project work, the two topics "Construction of a new library" and "Life Skills" were the focus of our workshops this year.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their time and their interesting input and look forward to being able to draw many valuable ideas for our work with the children and young people on site.

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