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Including tactile guided tours for the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

An innovative concept opens up an active and experience-oriented visit to the museum for people with visual impairments.

Like other museums in the state, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart also offers special educational offers for people with disabilities. In addition to tactile and hands-on stations for children, young people and adults, more and more formats are being integrated here to give people with dementia, cognitive limitations or visual and hearing impairments access to art and culture.

Our foundation is currently supporting the State Gallery's inclusion offer with two free tactile tours: "Between ideal and abstraction - the human figure from classicism to modernity" using the example of works by Otto Freundlich and Henri Matisse - as well as the exhibition "Hello Oskar! Or: How does the Triadic Ballet dance?”. During the tour, people with visual impairments can experience the expressions of the works of art through their hands using specially made models and are thus given a chance to grasp the expressions of visual objects.

"With its inclusion concept, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart impressively shows how museums can find ways and opportunities with creative ideas and great commitment to implement inclusion and accessibility and how people with and without disabilities can participate in an experience-oriented visit to the museum," said State Secretary Arne Braun on Thursday, April 2. March 2023, in Stuttgart. "I am convinced that the inclusive offers developed by the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart not only open up the way for as many people with disabilities as possible to the Staatsgalerie, but also motivate them to come back again and again."

View the Stuggi.TV report HERE

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