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Move out of our "Hoopsig House"

We are grateful for four and a half great years and look to the future with confidence!

Now it's over, our eventful and beautiful time in the Hoopsig Villa ("Hoopsig" meens look of hope and is since 2016 the name of our Life Skill Center). The former private residence was made available to us when we were urgently looking for new premises and the planned two years of our stay thankfully turned into more than four! But now the property is finally going to be rebuilt and our "Hoopsig" has to find a new home again. Plans for the purchase of your own property and the construction of your own Hoopsig house are already well advanced and we hope to be able to communicate and implement a long-term secure solution soon. Until then, improvisation is required and practiced every day by our wonderful team! But before that, everyone had a great farewell party and our volunteers even gave the beloved Hoopsig house a "Hoopsig song" and video honored.

The kitchen and an office in our volunteer house are being used temporarily and we are still looking for tmore rooms. However, many program activities can also be offered outdoors without any problems. The approx. 60 children who regularly use our offers are still loyal to our Hoopsig and grateful to have this reliable place where they can find a daily lunch, personal contact and attractive employment opportunities - but where they also exercise important skills relevant to life and school.

Many thanks to Paternoster Groepbelange Ltd for making these premises available to the Paternoster Project NPO and our Hoopsig programme. Also a big thank to all our donors and supporters who made it possible, that our afternoon offer developed from a brightly painted container into a well-founded, successful organization within a few years. And last but not least, THANK YOU, dear Paternoster team, for your tireless commitment! You are great!


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